5 Unusual Finance Tips and Tricks to Help You Save More


If you’re having trouble saving money using conventional methods, then you might need to try in a few more unique ways. Here are a few fresh, unusual tips on how you can start saving money today.

Make a Game Out of Saving

Instead of looking at saving as a chore, give yourself a challenge to save up money instead—with a prize at the end. The challenge can include things like a “cash-only” week, or if you go out to eat, only eat out during Happy Hours when prices are cheaper. You can also give yourself “no-spending days” where you try not to spend any money at all.

Just write out your challenges on a calendar and try your best to stick to it. You might be surprised at how much money you can quickly save overall, which can make it even easier to challenge yourself the next month.

Start Small Instead of Not at All

If part of your problem with saving money is just how overwhelming it can all seem, tell yourself that it’s perfectly okay to start small. Just set a smaller goal that you know you’ll be able to realistically achieve. The thing is, after you achieve a smaller goal, you can start building up to even bigger goals over time.

Even increasing your contributions to retirement by just 1% can make an incredible difference. The key is to think of saving as something you do over time, and not immediately.

Reward Yourself with Savings

If you get a big raise at work or an unexpected bonus, you should change your mindset when it comes to rewarding yourself. Instead of splurging on something big, instead, try putting the money into savings instead.

However, you don’t have to put every cent into savings. Even placing 75 percent while keeping 25 percent to reward yourself for your hard work is also okay.

Match Yourself

Instead of relying on your company to match any of your savings, you can try doing the same for yourself. For example, if you pay $100 toward a certain program or charity, your company might offer to match your contribution.

In other words, the next time you plan on making a splurge purchase, tell yourself that you’ll match any money spent toward your savings as well. If you spend $50 on a new piece of technology, then you should also put $50 into your savings account.

Doing so can make you think twice before making any bigger purchases, and even the smaller purchases can add up more quickly than you might expect over time.