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5 Back-to-School Saving Tips for Learning at Home

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more families are finding themselves helping their children learn at home. Because of this, they might find themselves having to budget in new ways to accommodate. Here are 5 back-to-school savings tips to help you along the way: Swap Clothing and School Supplies

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Can’t Afford to Send Your Kids to College? Think Again

Are you worried about being able to afford sending your kids to college? The good news is that there are generous tax breaks available to cover college costs, such as the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Tax Credit. These can offset your tax bill dollar-for-dollar compared to a

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How to File an Amended Tax Return, Part 2

If you find yourself needing to file an amended tax return, the tips below can help you. Thankfully, correcting something you initially missed on a prior tax return is easy. The IRS provides many options when it comes to correcting a prior tax return. But first, in case you missed

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How to File an Amended Tax Return, Part 1

While tax season is mostly over with, there are still many people with unfinished business–namely, the need to file an amended tax return. If you’d like to learn how to properly file an amended tax return or learn a few tips about the entire process, continue reading: When Tax Form

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How to Work from Home With Your Pet Around

With many people now finding themselves working from home, they suddenly have new coworkers they didn’t quite expect would be so… demanding. If you have pets, they can be a source to help relieve stress, but they might also cause stress all at the same time. To better learn how

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diverse employees work in a shared office

Top 3 Overrated Personal Advice Tips Shared by Millennials

Many things we once took for granted have been completely upended thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the usual go-to rules for personal finance. Once, saving money was as easy as cutting back on how many lattes you purchased during the week, but nowadays, those simple rules have changed.

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