Eric Lopez

How to Start a Conversation and Keep It Flowing

Are you guilty of having your mind go blank when you’re trying to start a conversation with someone? It can definitely be hard to come up with good conversation topics – you’re not alone in this.  Whether you’re trying to start conversations with friends coworkers, or potential investors, the following

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s 5 Tips for Surviving the Coronavirus

Just about everyone has been touched in some way by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This includes even the wealthiest, such as billionaire businessman Warren Buffett. Here are some public comments Buffett has made about how you can keep debt under control and protect yourself as the pandemic continues. Prepare for

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graduation hat on top of one hundred dollar bills

Tips on How to Pay for College During a Pandemic

A big concern for families amid the coronavirus pandemic is how they can possibly afford college. Even though many students have been given the opportunity to do their coursework online, not all colleges have reduced their costs as a result of those changes. To help combat college costs, here are

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a w-2 tax form

5 Tips for Last-Minute Tax Filers: July 15 Deadline

With the July 15 tax deadline rapidly approaching, there are some Americans who might be rushing to file their tax returns on time. While the IRS has received around 142.3 million returns by the beginning of July, the failure to pay by the current deadline can result in costly penalties

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a blue toned calculator displays the words small business

Small Businesses: 7 Lesser-Known Money Saving Tips

Considering how small businesses tend to run on paper-thin margins, being able to save every cent during the ongoing pandemic is crucial for many small businesses to continue operating. If you’d like tips on how your business can weather the coronavirus outbreak, here are 7 lesser-known ways to help you

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woman looks confused at laptop

3 Tips on How to Recognize Fake Financial News

Would you recognize fake financial news if it happened to cross your path? Before you fall for something that could potentially ruin you financially, here are 3 tips to help you learn how to spot news that isn’t quite what it seems. Consider the Source of the News If something

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a couple uses a calculator to go over calculations

5 Financial Lessons That the Pandemic Will Teach Us

During times like these, many people have found themselves sitting at home wondering what they could have done differently. Financially, this crisis has taught its fair share of lessons that might help some better their future decision-making. Here are some of the financial lessons that the coronavirus pandemic has taught

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cash with protection from coronavirus

Advice on How to Enter the Coronavirus Altered Workforce

If you’re one of the millions who have filed for unemployment recently, you might wonder what your chances are of finding new employment while the coronavirus pandemic continues. Finding New Employment During COVID-19 Pandemic CBS New York reports that while the pandemic has caused millions to be furloughed, some types

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