Top 7 Bank Accounts for Young People That Make Life a Lot Easier


A rite of passage for young people is opening their first bank account. Parents are delighted by this sign of financial responsibility, and the future financial maven is psyched to open an account that represents fiscal maturity.

But part of opening your account is figuring out which is the best bank for students. You don’t want to see so your balanced diminish under an unexpected flurry of fees and charges.

Fortunately, many leading banks have checking accounts that accommodate college-aged students. Listed below are some of the best options out there geared specifically toward young people just starting out!

TD Bank’s Student Checking Account

TD Bank’s Student Checking Account doesn’t have a minimum balance, and it doesn’t charge a monthly fee. It offers benefits to customers age 24 and younger, such as a free debit card that syncs with your smartphone wallet, mobile banking, and online bill pay.

Chase’s College Checking Account

Chase’s College Checking account waives all monthly service fees for five years to college students between the ages of 17 and 24. It also offers a $100 incentive when they open an account with a deposit greater than $25.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank waives monthly service charges for six years and offers one courtesy refund on any overdraft. The bank also understands the need for cash on-the-go and offers a $5 reimbursement for use of non-PNC Bank ATMs.

Wells Fargo

People ages 17-24 who open an account at Wells Fargo and deposit at least $25 will have a $10 monthly fee waived. They will also have access to the bank’s network of more than 13,000 ATMs and secured online mobile banking.

Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance

The Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance account offers people ages 16-24 overdraft protection. Monthly fees will be waived if at least $25 are deposited when the account is opened.


BB&T offers a student checking account with no monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance requirement, no direct deposit requirement, overdraft protection, a personalized debit card and mobile banking.

SunTrust’s Essential Checking for Students

SunTrust’s Essential Checking for Students simplifies banking. Customers save on monthly maintenance fees for five years, no-fee mobile deposit mobile bill pay and seamless syncing with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.