How Collaboration Can Take You to the Top of Your Field

Some people believe that in order to climb their way to the top, they need to knock any and all competition out of the way.  They don’t ask for their input or advice, and they see colleagues as a threat instead of people who can help them make the project even better.

The problem with this mindset is that it breeds resentment and fosters the kind of mentality that a true leader knows could harm engagement and other issues in the workplace.

Know the value of collaborative leadership! Those who possess the qualities of a good leader always consider the following as they climb towards their goals.

Realize Competition Provides an Edge

When you have someone to compete against, even if they aren’t working toward the same goal, it can help prevent you from going soft.  Having someone there to point out things you may have missed can help you learn along the way and will help strengthen your ability in the long run.

Find healthy competition both within your organization and outside it. Rival companies and fellow experts in your field can be some of the greatest teachers.

Become Familiar with Creative Destruction

As you advance through the ranks, you might consider holding back from helping others so that you can be the one to reap the benefits. Thing is, this only hurts the entire creative process.

Have you heard the old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats? In an organization, the success of one is the success of all. People want to work with those who help, not hinder.

Never Cheat to Get Ahead

Although taking a few “shortcuts” might seem like a good idea in the moment, it is never worth it.  Those who cheat to get ahead tend to get caught eventually, and the outcome is never a good one. 

Inspire Others and Allow Them to Inspire You

Those who get ahead on their own merit all seem to have this one quality in common: They enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals and see them as an opportunity to grow.  Instead of crushing others along the way, they choose to build others up along with them instead.

This helps to encourage a positive work environment that holds value in each employee–and you’d better believe that the employees will take notice.  Team communication can go a long way.