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How to Spot Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

More than 45 million Americans are drowning in almost $1.6 trillion in combined student loan debt, with the average person carrying a balance of nearly $33,000. With such a large number of people feeling the stress of this financial burden, it’s not surprising that there are scammers taking advantage of

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How to Deal if You Owe Back Taxes

There are very few things that are as scary as owing back taxes to the big, bad IRS. The IRS is a very powerful organization that can take harsh action, including garnishing wages, to make sure they collect what they are owed on their terms. If you cannot pay what

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The Consequences of Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is a major life decision. It’s an admission that your debts have become so overwhelming that it has been legally determined by a judge that there is no way you could ever repay them. Is There Any Benefit to Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy does have benefits such as preventing foreclosure

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The Importance of Mortgage Pre-Approval

If you ask a homebuyer what the first step is in buying a home, they will likely say, “finding a home you like.” In reality, it has nothing to do with the home itself. The crucial first step in buying a home is actually getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. Why

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Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

Anyone who has bought a home has experienced the mortgage underwriting process; however, few of us know little, if anything, about how it works. This part of buying a home remains a great mystery––as do the people behind it, but your destiny as a homeowner lies in their hands. Imagine

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The New UltraFICO Could Boost Your Credit Score

There’s a new and free tool available for consumers who are looking to boost their credit scores. UltraFICO was rolled out in late 2019 as a method of rewarding good financial habits that are unrecognized by current credit scoring models, and it could help millions of Americans. UltraFICO can help

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The Pitfalls of Debt Consolidation

Whether its debt from credit cards, a school loan, a car or home payment or all of the above, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with personal debt. Making the minimum monthly payment is only good enough to keep our heads above water. That’s why many of us seek a

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