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3 Tips on How to Recognize Fake Financial News

Would you recognize fake financial news if it happened to cross your path? Before you fall for something that could potentially ruin you financially, here are 3 tips to help you learn how to spot news that isn’t quite what it seems. Consider the Source of the News If something

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Top 3 Overrated Personal Advice Tips Shared by Millennials

Many things we once took for granted have been completely upended thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the usual go-to rules for personal finance. Once, saving money was as easy as cutting back on how many lattes you purchased during the week, but nowadays, those simple rules have changed.

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a thief steals a new gadget from a store

How to Avoid Purchasing Stolen Items Targeted by Looters

A high-profile target of looters in cities across the country this week often included high-end luxury goods. This was evident in places like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as looters targeted retailers like Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Apple. Retailers Find Creative Ways to Deter Thieves In the midst of the

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Most Americans Are Unaware of Available COVID-19 Financial Assistance

If you’ve found yourself recently employed, did you know that there is coronavirus-related financial assistance available for you? According to Credit Karma, an incredible 80 percent of unemployed Americans haven’t reached out for available relief measures. And why is this? Because they believe they wouldn’t qualify and they’re overwhelmed with

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3 Ways You Could Get More Stimulus Money as a Parent

The coronavirus outbreak continues, leaving many Americans in a dire financial situation. More than 90,000 people have died, and tens of millions no longer have a job. People are sitting and watching hopelessly as their finances run out, and as a result, the federal government approved one round of stimulus

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5 Financial Lessons That the Pandemic Will Teach Us

During times like these, many people have found themselves sitting at home wondering what they could have done differently. Financially, this crisis has taught its fair share of lessons that might help some better their future decision-making. Here are some of the financial lessons that the coronavirus pandemic has taught

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Advice on How to Enter the Coronavirus Altered Workforce

If you’re one of the millions who have filed for unemployment recently, you might wonder what your chances are of finding new employment while the coronavirus pandemic continues. Finding New Employment During COVID-19 Pandemic CBS New York reports that while the pandemic has caused millions to be furloughed, some types

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