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Why You Should File Your Tax Return Early

You’ve heard the saying about how the early bird gets the worm. During tax season, getting the worm means getting your money faster. This extra cash could help pay off those Christmas bills, go toward savings for an unexpected medical or auto expense, fund an investment, or pay for a

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3 Reasons Retirees Struggle Financially

The American Dream once consisted of working the same job for a certain number of years, followed by retirement and then living out your golden years happily ever after. There was a time when most seniors retired with the financial stability to live out the rest of their lives comfortably.

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The Best Workplace Wellness Trends

Companies are spending more than ever on workplace wellness as they deal with the high costs associated with health care for both the employer and employee. As a result, more organizations are creating a culture that promotes good health. We are witnessing the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of fostering

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Year-End Tips to Lower Your Personal Taxes

Once the calendar flips to December, it’s a good idea to identify those last-minute strategies that can lower your personal tax exposure before the end of the year. Listed below are a few ideas that may work for you so you can enjoy more of your money and give less

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How to Attain Financial Freedom by Age 40

The concept of being “rich” is often associated with flossing designer clothes, buying expensive jewelry and driving luxury cars. But what the truly rich understand is that having a lot of money gives you the financial freedom to live life on your own terms and control your own financial destiny.

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