What Are The Fastest Growing Careers on the Market?

Finding a job market that is expanding, not contracting, in this economy can be rough. It seems like every other day someone is getting laid off, or companies are closing completely.

We’ve taken a look at the fastest growing careers on the market right now, and we’re including only the ones where you don’t have to go to a traditional school to get your foot in the door! Colleges online are offering classes and certifications for these positions, so you can learn from the comfort of your home, even while holding onto a full-time job.

Statistician or Mathematician

This isn’t a joke! Those with a degree in Statistics, or an advanced degree in Math, are very in demand right now! Most statisticians only have a bachelor’s degree, especially for entry-level positions, and the growth is about 34%.

Mathematicians often have masters or higher, but growth is showing about 30%. The average salary is $80,000+ for both positions, and colleges online everywhere are offering these degrees!

Software Developer

Have you ever thought about coding? Software developers are highly in need right now – growth is about 30% for this field, and the average pay is low six figures. Colleges online are offering a ton of different programs for software developers, and you can often work from anywhere.

Genetic Counselor

As genetics become a bigger part of the way we handle health care, genetics counselors are more in need than ever. A bachelor’s degree in biology will get you this position, and growth is expected to be over 25%, especially as genetics testing becomes more readily available and commonly used.


Actuaries are also math-based, and they use statistics and previous data to construct probability tables for future payouts and benefits, like with insurance companies.

Growth is expected to be about 20%, and the median salary is in the low six figures. This position only needs a bachelor’s degree, and several colleges online are happy to give you one!